How to Identify Rooms to be Cleaned

How to Identify Rooms to be Cleaned

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How to Identify Rooms to be Cleaned – Hello Ajarian! In order to service rooms in a timely fashion and to control labor costs, every property will allocate specific rooms to individual staff for room preparation duties. You may be regularly involved in preparing rooms on the same floor or floors, or you may be required to prepare any rooms in the hotel as occupancy levels dictate and as required on the basis of things such as staff absenteeism.

The primary role of a room attendant is to clean rooms. Most room attendants are required to clean approximately 12-20 rooms a day depending on organization standards, types of rooms, status of the room and other considerations.

  1. Types of rooms
    Generally, it is ‘guest rooms’ that will need to be prepared. These rooms can include single rooms, doubles, twins, and suites. Some rooms can contain more facilities than others which required extra services, such as kitchenette, balcony area or living room.
  2. Status of rooms
    The Head Housekeeper (known also as the Executive Housekeeper) or their appointed associate generally distributes the list of rooms to be cleaned. There are usually three types of rooms that need to be cleaned:
  • Check out rooms: These are the rooms where guests are expected to check-out. They may be known as ‘departing rooms’,...
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