How to Issue Keys and Process Vouchers

How to Issue Keys and Process Vouchers

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How to Issue Keys and Process Vouchers – Hello Ajarian! Once a guest has registered and you have given them information about your property, they will need to know their room number and obtain key access for their room. Some properties use keys while some have electronic key cards that look like credit cards and can be encoded with information for each individual guest. Whichever you use, the keys or a key card will be located at Reception where they are easily accessible to the Receptionist and the guest.

The types of keys used by establishments can vary between establishments. Some types of keys include: normal door key type and card key.

A card key is inserted into a slot in the door. Once inside the room, the guest may also need to insert the card key into a slot/device on the wall to activate the power in the room. In some properties, the key will also contain an electronic device required to activate the lifts and/or to move through various internal doors within the property (designed to keep non-guests out of these areas).

Card keys are programmed upon check-in for security reasons and the card presented in a cover with the room number written on it. Card keys can also be programmed to open certain guest facilities like the gymnasium and swimming pool areas.

Select the key or key card for the room that you have allocated to the guest. Before you hand the key to the guest or porter, make sure to:

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