How to Line Chocolate Molds

How to Line Chocolate Molds

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How to Line Chocolate Molds – Hello Ajarian! We already knew that maintaining chocolate molds in a good condition is pretty hard. They should be handled with great care and polished with nonabrasive soft materials. The same thing applies when you’re going to line chocolate molds.

So, how is the procedure to line chocolate molds correctly?

  1. Molds have to be dry, cleaned and polished and be at a temperature of 25°C (metal) or 20°C (plastic).
  2. To line a mold, it is filled with tempered chocolate and the excess scraped off. 
  3. To help trapped air bubbles to escape, the mold is now vibrated or tapped repeatedly with an appropriately sized piece of wood (for example, a piece of broom handle).
  4. The mold should be turned upside down over the chocolate container, allowing the excess to run out, shaking the mold at the same time until the lining is of the required thickness.
  5. The mold is now turned back into its upright position. Using a plastic spatula or scraper, clean the upright surface of the mold.
  6. To set the chocolate, the mold should be turned on its side or turned upside down onto silicon or greaseproof paper. When set, remaining spills are removed.
  7. If the initial coat is too thin, line with a second layer of chocolate.
  8. The molds can now be filled or cooled in a refrigerator until the lining comes loose, and then be filled.

Those are the procedure to line chocolate molds correctly. By following these procedure, you are also maintaining molds in a good condition.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare chocolate and produce chocolate products

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