How to Maintain Cleanliness of Food Display

How to Maintain Cleanliness of Food Display

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How to Maintain Cleanliness of Food Display – Hello Ajarian! Most ‘take away’ outlets are self-service in style, with the extent varying for different outlets. In general, food items are prepared in advance by the kitchen or service staff and displayed in appropriate display units where customers can select from, with payment to be made once the customer has selected all their items.

This service style is preferred by many take away operations as it requires less staff to operate, customers have greater choice and the eating experience is kept to a minimum.

The attention to detail in managing a self-service outlet may differ in its preparation and attention from a traditional a la carte restaurant, however the principles of providing an enjoyable eating experience comprising value and quality offerings delivered in a clean and hygienic environment by friendly and professional staff remains the same.

The following are steps an attendant must follow when maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in this high volume traffic area:

  1. Verify sneeze guards are in place and clean
    Before any food is placed in a display area, whether it is a fridge, table, buffet or hot food display it is vital the surfaces in the area are clean.

As self-service implies that customers help themselves to items, there is minimal separation between customer and food...

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