How to Maintain Food Items at Correct Temperature

How to Maintain Food Items at Correct Temperature

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How to Maintain Food Items at Correct Temperature – Hello Ajarian! Temperature is a critical factor in food safety from several viewpoints, especially for high-risk foods. Do not allow high-risk foods to be in the danger zone 5ºC – 60ºC for extended periods of time. Raw meats should only be out of refrigerated storage for no more than 30 minutes unless they are going to be processed (cooked).

It is important to remember:

  • The vital relationship between time and temperature – you must keep high-risk food out of the Temperature Danger Zone for as long as possible.
  • To monitor temperature of high-risk food – on delivery into the premises, during production, during storage, during transportation, and during display.

These notes look at the temperatures, and other related aspects, required to ensure safe food.

Temperature Danger Zone

The Temperature Danger Zone is the temperature range in which bacteria multiply most rapidly. The range is 5ºC – 60ºC. Every effort must be made to keep potentially hazardous food out of this temperature range.

Where food has to be in this range (such as when it is being prepared), the amount of time that food spends in this zone must be minimized.

It is important to note that all time food spends in the Temperature Danger Zone is cumulative.

If a piece of meat is left out on the bench for...

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