How to Maintain The Quality of Petit Fours

How to Maintain The Quality of Petit Fours

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How to Maintain The Quality of Petit Fours – Hello Ajarian! Petit fours are small desserts loved by a lot of customers. There are varieties of petit fours served in a bakery, restaurant or hotel. However, maintaining petit fours quality is quite difficult. Here are some methods you can use to maintain petit fours quality.

Storing petit fours in correct temperature

All prepared petit fours will suffer from too much moisture in the environment. A cool dry closed environment is best for storage of all petit fours except those that contain perishable ingredients like fresh cream.

Caramelized petit four will have a short life span as the caramel is hydroscopic and attracts moisture from the air. This moisture causes the sugar to soften and dissolve. Product like fruit, grapes, and strawberries will release moisture from their internal structure causing the caramel to dislodge from the surface of the fruit.

This is caused by the fact that the moisture just under the surface of the skin boils, breaking the cellular structure of the fruit and the moisture held inside seeps through the damaged skin. 90% of petit fours need cool dry environment for storage.

Maintaining petit fours appearance

It is a mistake to produce more than can be used in defined periods. It may be more economically viable to produce large numbers of a certain product. To maintain freshness, petit fours need to be finished as needed. Part processing can be achieved like making shortbread and freezing. Then bake as needed. But this does take space and time in freezer. The best way to have fresh petit fours is to produce them regularly and as needed. Protect finished petit four from adverse conditions to maintain structural integrity by enclosing in food safe containers.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare and Display Petit Fours

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