How to Make a Booking at another Hotel

How to Make a Booking at another Hotel

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How to Make a Booking at another Hotel – Hello Ajarian! On occasions departing guests may ask your advice about where to stay, or obtaining a reservation, at their next destination. Try and sell your own company if you have a property in the next destination.

If not, this is an excellent opportunity to provide customer service and also a selling opportunity as the property will usually gain a commission when making a reservation on behalf of the guests.

To accommodate guest needs you will need to:

  1. Identify their destination
  2. Determine the style and quality of the hotel they wish to stay in
  3. Find out if they have a preference as to the hotel they want to stay with
  4. Use your industry knowledge coupled with information available (such as details available through brochures, guides and the electronic information contained within a CRS)
  5. Advise the guest of their available options and gain agreement as to their preferred option
  6. Contact the hotel – usually by telephone – and make inquiries, lodging the booking where suitable accommodation is available
  7. Obtain a booking number for the reservation and, if agreed by the guest, guarantee the booking
  8. Pass the details of the booking in hard copy form on to the guest
  9. Thank the guest for their booking.

When the guest has departed, follow internal procedures to ensure that your property...

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