How to Minimize Wastage when Making Sandwiches

How to Minimize Wastage when Making Sandwiches

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How to Minimize Wastage when Making Sandwiches – Hello Ajarian! In the food preparation process, all possibilities need to be looked at and accounted to prevent wastage. Food wastage may affect the profit margins in the kitchen, so you must be mindful when treating the food.

In order to minimize wastage during the sandwich making, try these tips:

  • Adopt a system that gives you plenty of preparation so you do not run out of ingredients while trying to make sandwiches to order as customers request them.
  • Have plenty of ‘mise en place’ - everything must be ready before production starts.
  • Majority of ingredients are ready to eat. Cooked meats and other potentially hazardous foods need to be kept chilled to prevent the growth of pathogens in the food.
  • Keep fillings in ‘Controlled Environment’
  • Sandwiches filling may need to be prepared a long time in advance, perhaps even the day before, so care must be taken with these products. Even when you are making the sandwiches it is important that the time the fillings are out of the controlled environment needs to be considered.
  • As you have complete all 'mise en place' (preparation) it is good practice to place food into a controlled environment. Put it in the cool room, covered, labelled and dated.
  • As you are preparing the sandwiches take only enough fillings out of the cool room that you can use within a specific time period
  • When sandwiches have been made it is important that the finished product and any leftover 'mise en place' items are put back into the cool room.

Left over preparation need to be placed with other preparation that is the same. This stops for example: sliced beef, being in several places in cool room. This causes unnecessary waste and will maximize loss that should be avoided.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare a variety of sandwiches

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