How to Optimize The Safety of The Food

How to Optimize The Safety of The Food

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How to Optimize The Safety of The Food – Hello Ajarian! Organizational requirements for safe food handling may (also) be contained within a system known as a ‘Food Safety Plan’ or ‘Food Safety Program’, or similar. This system may be legally imposed on the business and apply to all food hotels and restaurants in the country, or it may be a system the workplace voluntarily imposes on itself in order to optimize the safety of the food it serves/sells. Such a system will:

  1. Identify the workplace food safety hazards – at each stage of the food handling process and in all areas where food is handled.
  2. Describe specific action you must take to keep food safe at the premises – these are known as ‘safe food handling practices and procedures’ designed to keep food ‘under control’ (meaning the food is always handled and stored within parameters [of time and temperature] to ensure it remains ‘under control’ and hence safe to eat).
  3. Describe specific action you must take if the food becomes unsafe – such as recalling the food from sale/consumption, disposing of it and investigating the cause of the ‘out of control’ situation so remedial action can be taken to prevent a recurrence of the problem.
  4. Identify the records to be kept to assist you maintain a safe food environment, and allow you to prove you have done so....
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