How to Overcome Language Barriers

How to Overcome Language Barriers

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How to Overcome Language Barriers – Hello Ajarian! Providing the goodwill exists on your part to communicate with a person from another background, this can usually be successfully accomplished. It will take a little extra time and will demand a little extra effort but it can normally be done. There is no doubt that most failures to communicate between cultures are because one of the parties made no real and honest attempt to do so.

Very few attempts at overcoming language barriers will be successful unless there has been appropriate and sufficient planning and preparation: these can be seen as essential pre-requisites.

You should identify the languages that need to be taken into account. There are often more than just one, but often not more than three or four. Once these have been identified, develop phrases that will allow you to:

  • Meet, greet and farewell customers – at different times of the day, and to different types of customers including men, women, children and business people.
  • Provide simple directions – to the restaurant, bar, swimming pool, different floors, various rooms as well as to common landmarks and tourist attractions.
  • Give simple instructions – on how to use telephones, how to operate in-room and venue facilities. 
  • Answer simple enquiries – such as questions relating to the availability of rooms, process of goods and services and...
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