How to Present Salads According to Restaurant Standards

How to Present Salads According to Restaurant Standards

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How to Present Salads According to Restaurant Standards – Hello Ajarian! As a kitchen staff, you need to present salad according to restaurant standards. Before presenting it, you need to know that leaf salad have these following characteristics such as:

  • It will have a shine
  • Lots of colour
  • It will have height before width
  • It should be appealing to the eyes
  • Textural diversity adds to the eating experience

You should make sure the leaf salad have these characteristics before serving it to the customer. Beside understanding the restaurant standards, salad presentation is also based on the type of service. These are types of service you need to understand before serving a salad:

  • Formal – in formal situation salad usually served in restaurant as a side dish to the main meal
  • Casual – in casual situation salad served as part of the buffet
  • Modern – usually salad served in café as a meal that will stand alone
  • Stand up or sit down – some salads served in wraps, type of sandwich

Salad traditionally has been served as palate refreshner. But now modern interpretations make it a meal on its own, as an alternative to hot vegetables and also a side dish. Beside, it is good to have a refreshing salad after eating grilled steak to cleanse the palate.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare Appetisers and salads

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