How to Process Payments in Restaurant

How to Process Payments in Restaurant

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How to Process Payments in Restaurant – Hello Ajarian! Once the customers are done dining in your restaurant, they will ask you to present the account for payment. Customer account can be presented in their table or at the cashier. Read more: Establish, Update and Finalize Customer.

This article will explore the account management activities once the account has been given to the customer, mainly focusing on the collection and processing of payment for food and beverages consumed. Depending on the services and facilities provided by your hotel or restaurant, customers commonly settle their account by:

  • Paying cash.
  • Paying via credit card through using a manual or electronic system .
  • Using EFTPOS facilities – ‘Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale’.

In selected situations customers may settle their accounts by:

  • Charging to their room.
  • Charging a house account – used for functions or corporate events.
  • Presenting vouchers – for nominated amounts and/or items/services.
  • Paying by check – either a personal cheque or traveller’s cheque.

Regardless of which option a customer uses to settle their account, always thank them for their patronage. Never show annoyance if their...

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