How to Process Room Change Requests

How to Process Room Change Requests

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How to Process Room Change Requests – Hello Ajarian! For various reasons, guests may request to change rooms and this process must be conducted professionally and with as little inconvenience to the guest as possible. First, we need to check the reason for the room change. Is there something wrong with the original allocated room or is it just not what the guest has expected?

Processing a room change request can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Establish what is wrong with the original room. This will help to decide what room you need to move the guest to and it will help maintenance or housekeeping if there is a fault with the room.
  2. Check the availability to enquire what rooms are available that match the guest’s request.
  3. Advise the guest of the room that is available to check that it is suitable before making any changes to the PMS. Advise (where appropriate) the guest of the room rate for the new room and check this acceptable. In some hotels, they may even take the guest to the new room to have a look.
  4. Help move the guest into their new room. Usually, a porter will assist with this, giving the guest the new key, moving their luggage and taking back the old key.
  5. If the guest has already spent some time in the room before the room change you will need to advise all the service departments of this room change in case the guest has put laundry into be done, been to the...
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