How to Produce Dessert According to Restaurant Standards

How to Produce Dessert According to Restaurant Standards

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How to Produce Dessert According to Restaurant Standards – Hello Ajarian! Each restaurant has different requirements and standards in order to produce dessert. If you’re in charge of making desserts, you must know the restaurant requirements and standards before producing it. Usually, the requirements and standards related to:

  • Scale to correct weight
  • Colour
  • Consistency
  • Texture
  • Moisture
  • Mouth feel
  • Appearance
  • Saleability

Regardless from the interpretation, product consistency should remain the same. Here are some factors to maintain the product consistency:

  • All products need to be the same size
  • Must have the colour characteristic
  • Natural or artificial colour

Texture, moisture, and mouth feel all come together in the product and that is what makes the product stand out above the rest.

To gain the saleability, the product appearance must be appealing to the eye of the customer. In relation with ingredients, here are some standards and quality you need to know, such as:

  • Flavouring
  • Colouring
  • Quality

The quality itself is difficult to define. Is it based on price the price of ingredients used to make a product? Or is it based on the level of income earned from selling the product?.

However, these standards can be interpreted differently depending on their place of sale. The food safety standards must not vary and same standards apply for the best quality ingredients as they do for the more budget ingredients.

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Written by: Alan Hickman

Subject Matter: Prepare hot, cold and frozen dessert

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