How to Provide Recommendations of Foods and Drinks

How to Provide Recommendations of Foods and Drinks

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How to Provide Recommendations of Foods and Drinks – Hello Ajarian! As has been mentioned earlier, waiting staff may be required to assist guests in making their selection from either the menu or the drinks list.

Lots of customers or guests come to the room, bar or venue knowing exactly what they want to eat or drink. Perhaps they have eaten at your dining room before and want to experience the same dish again that they had last time, or perhaps they have a standard meal or drink that they always have when they dine out.

This article should be read in conjunction with all other notes regarding the provision of information to customers or guests.

Recommending Food

As mentioned previously, options include:

  • Recommending what it is you like – this may not suit them or be to their liking.
  • Recommending what is popular – they may not like this style of dish.
  • Recommending whatever it is that the kitchen have asked you to push – again, this may not suit them.
  • Asking some questions first to determine whether they are after a big meal or a snack, whether they like chicken, meat or pasta or whether they prefer plain food or dishes with sauces and added flavour and then recommend an appropriate dish.

Keys in making recommendations are:

  • Ensuring information is honest and truthful.
  • Ensuring customers/guests do not get the impression...
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