How to Provide Turn-Down Service

How to Provide Turn-Down Service

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How to Provide Turn-Down Service – Hello Ajarian! ‘Living’ in a hotel is different from home. Normally at home a person has a variety of rooms that they use, with clutter being spread. This is not the case in a hotel room, where only one room is used, with all activities contained within this one room.

Quite often a guest will be using the room during the day and by the afternoon it may be dirty or in need of fresh amenities. In this case, a turn-down service is necessary.

Turn down service is service commonly found in four and five star hotels. It is a service that prepares the room at the end of the day for the comfort of the guest. It is designed to make the room soothing and inviting for rest and relaxation. This service is normally provided in the late afternoon or early evening and is performed at a time when it is expected that the guest is not in the room.

How to provide turn-down service?


The first step is to prepare the items that may be used as part of turn-down including:

  • Linen – bed sheets, bath towels, and pillows.
  • Amenities – shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, moisturizer, sanitary items, toilet paper, tissues.
  • Give-away items – newspapers, chocolates, fruit, messages, flowers.

Enter the room

There will be a good chance the guest is in the room and...

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