How to Record Reservation Details

How to Record Reservation Details

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How to Record Reservation Details – Hello Ajarian! When entering reservations into any system you will need to know what each “field” of information is required. In some cases these fields are compulsory. In this case, you must input information in the correct format before being able to move to the next field. Other fields are simply there to collect as much information as possible.

For example, in the case of a hotel reservation, the following information will be required:

  • Arrival Date
    This field is usually compulsory. The date could be recorded in a number of ways: 16th June 2012, June 16th 2012, 16/06/2012, 16/06/12, 06/16/2012 or 06/16/12. Whatever method is chosen by the hotel, it is essential that all staff are trained to be consistent and use the same method. Always say the day of the week when stating the date – for example Tuesday 15 October.
  • Departure date
    This determines the length of the guest’s stay and hence you are able to check the availability over this timeframe. This is also compulsory and you will record this date in the same method as the arrival date. Some hotels might also require you to record the number of nights the guest is staying as well. This is to act as a cross-reference to check that the arrival and departure dates are correct.
  • Name of the guest
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