How to Record Room Service Orders

How to Record Room Service Orders

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How to Record Room Service Orders – Hello Ajarian! Guests may have several options to place a room service order - Intranet within their room, completing a door knob menu or using the telephone. The telephone is the most common method. The precise telephone procedure used to take room service orders can vary from hotel to hotel.

This is because some hotels may operate a room service department staffed by room service attendants at all times. In hotels where the demand for room service is not very high, a restaurant waiter may be required to take and process room service orders.

In cases where there is a room service department, the room service orders may come via a telephone or in house intranet order, which may or may not feature a room identification feature.

When answering this type of telephone the greeting could be similar to the following:

“Good morning, Room Service, Joe speaking, may I have your room number, please?


“Good afternoon, River Hotel Room Service, Megan speaking, how may I help you?”

Whatever the greeting, it must be in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Always answer the telephone promptly on the 2nd or 3rd ring.
  • Identify yourself and the department.
  • Always be courteous, guests may be tired or unsure of the procedure.
  • ...
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