How to Report Malfunctions as Required

How to Report Malfunctions as Required

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How to Report Malfunctions as Required – Hello Ajarian! There may be times when you will come across equipment that is malfunctioning – either not working as intended, making too much noise, is unsafe, is damaged or not working at all.

All such equipment must be immediately tagged as ‘Out of Order’ and, where possible and safe to do so, the item should be removed from the guest’s room and logged at the housekeeping department as being in need of repair.

Where possible, a replacement item must be placed into the guest room so that required house service levels are maintained, and guest expectations continue to be met.

Replacement items may come from storage or from a vacant room, in the immediate short term. Sometimes a new item may be purchased as the replacement. You must do your best to immediately replace the item in the guest room by seeking a replacement from the housekeeping department, storage or substituting one from a vacant room.

Where the item is of such importance such as the fridge, the TV, the air conditioner or stove (in a kitchenette situation) front office must be notified so they take the room off the board and not sell it. If the room is occupied and a major piece of equipment is malfunctioning and can’t be repaired or replaced immediately, the guest will have to be re-roomed (room change) to another room. It is housekeeping staff who will have to move the guest’s...

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