How to Resolve a Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding Situation

How to Resolve a Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding Situation

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How to Resolve a Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding Situation – Hello Ajarian! When faced with a misunderstanding in the workplace, we must be prepared to think about all cross-cultural factors likely to affect the situation. This requirement must apply to situations that involve both customers and colleagues.

In many cases, it is only when cross-cultural factors are considered, that the matter can be truly resolved because it is these factors that may have caused the problem or which give the problem its true context.

When a cross-cultural misunderstanding occurs with a customer, it is necessary for service staff to take the appropriate steps to find a resolution.

All talk should be honest, explained clearly, briefly and in simple unbiased terms.

This may involve you in:

  1. Discussing the issue in a courteous manner – which will demonstrate a desire to fix the problem
  2. Speaking directly with the person concerned in a respectful way
  3. Apologizing for offence or misunderstanding that may have been caused – even where there is a belief that you personally did not say or do anything that genuinely merits an apology
  4. Taking time to talk with the person concerned – to truly identify the relevant aspects of the situation and determine the facts and feelings involved in the situations
  5. Asking for advice from the other party – to work out how similar future problems may be avoided...
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