How to Restock Items Before Providing Room Service

How to Restock Items Before Providing Room Service

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How to Restock Items Before Providing Room Service – Hello Ajarian! The room service department is required to respond quickly to guest requests to ensure prompt service the department needs to be prepared and organised.

Room service preparation involves re-stocking and storing equipment, as well as food and beverage items. Items should be stored in the same place each time safely and neatly, so that items are easy to access. All items have to be checked for usage dates and freshness.

Here are the other tips for restocking items before providing room service to the guests:

  • Trays need to be clean and dry and may be stored partly set with tray mats or cloths and basic condiments. Damaged, cracked or broken items of crockery, cutlery and glassware should be replaced and par numbers of all items need to be maintained.
  • Portion control food items including condiments, sugar, sugar substitutes, coffee crystals, tea bags, coffee sachets should be kept in a dry area.
  • Beverages may need refrigerated storage, this may be only soft drink, but may include a supply of Wines and spirits both full and miniature bottles. Dairy products would also need refrigeration, some will be portion items others bulk storage items such as milk.

As a room service staff, you need to be familiar with the policies and procedures for ordering or requesting items.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Evelyn Collins, Linda Wilson

Subject Matter: Provide Room Service

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