How to Secure Cash Register During Service Period

How to Secure Cash Register During Service Period

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How to Secure Cash Register During Service Period – Hello Ajarian! Whilst the process of opening and closing cash registers may seem like a simple process, not needing further explanation, it is important that any money or documents taken be properly secured.

During a service period you will receive large amounts of money and credit card slips through the processing of large amounts of transactions. Theft of money and personal information from credit card slips is common throughout the world, and this is no less true in food and beverage outlets.

The following are helpful tips to increase the security of cash and non-cash payments:

  • Try not to share cash registers
  • Never leave a cash register open when unattended
  • Keep cash registers out of the reach of customers
  • Lock cash registers when not in use
  • Keep the original note on display whilst a transaction is taking place. This reduces any discrepancies that may arise as to what monetary value the customer has given the staff member at the start of the transaction
  • Regularly store large notes under the cash till, out of display of customers
  • Regularly arrange for cash registers to be cleared.

In your role there may be many tasks that you will perform, with processing accounts and handling money only one aspect of your day. However it is vital that security is foremost in your mind.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Take Food Orders and Provide Table Service

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