How to Set Up Equipment in Guest Rooms

How to Set Up Equipment in Guest Rooms

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How to Set Up Equipment in Guest Rooms – Hello Ajarian! From time to time the housekeeping department may be asked to help set up items requested by guests. These requests need to be accommodated as quickly as possible because when such requests are made, guests are usually waiting to use the items.

What items might be involved? The items that may need setting up could include:

  1. Table and chairs – for meetings or to assist with the provision of room service meals
  2. Internet connection
  3. Television
  4. DVD player
  5. Data projector
  6. Portable bed
  7. Portable cot.

In-room meetings

Guest rooms are sometimes hired by companies for business purposes to hold a small meeting, make presentations or display goods and in such instances it may be your responsibility to move furniture around, set up tables and chairs before the meeting commences.

Directions will be given by the person hiring the room about what they want, where they want it set and the time by which it needs to be ready.

Elderly people

Elderly people can often have problems with technologically-based items in their rooms.

They may be perfectly well able to operate their TV or DVD at home but the one in their room may be different and they may not be able to make it work.

Don’t make them feel stupid for asking, take time to make...

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