How to Strip Polish from Hard Floors

How to Strip Polish from Hard Floors

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How to Strip Polish from Hard Floors – Depending on the amount of foot traffic, stripping polish off floors should only be done when the existing polish breaks down and the floor looks dull. In most cases, this should be done between two or four times per year.

Stripping is the preparation process before resealing and applying polish. Stripping can be done either manually, by machine or a combination of both. The type of stripper used will be determined by the type of polish that has been used previously and the type of flooring material.

In this article, will explain the steps tp strip polish from hard floors properly. Let’s learn below!

  1. First of all, you need to erect signage in the area to be stripped
  2. Sweep the floor and remove all debris. You may also need to remove any furniture and fittings
  3. Wear protective clothing including rubber boots, heavy duty rubber gloves and goggles as the floor stripper is extremely alkaline and therefore corrosive.
  4. Select the mop and bucket. The bucket that holds stripping solution and the mop used for stripping should be used ONLY for this purpose.
  5. Place stripping solution into the bucket. Read the instructions for use
  6. Apply stripper to the floor using the mop and spread liberally across the floor working from side to side. Do not apply the stripper around all the edges (approximately 5 cm wide). Avoid splashing walls...
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