Important Product Knowledge in Hospitality Industry

Important Product Knowledge in Hospitality Industry

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Important Product Knowledge in Hospitality Industry – Hello Ajarian! Comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date knowledge is the basis of all effective promotion of products and services. This article introduces what product and service knowledge may relate. Gaining a broad product knowledge is vital in a hotel required to promote and sell products and services to potential customers.

What is product knowledge means?

Product knowledge is a generic term referring to knowledge about:

  • Products sold
  • Services provided
  • The venue
  • Policies of the hotel

Procedures used within the business

  • Protocols guiding the operation of the venue
  • Local attractions, services, facilities and events, festivals and infrastructure.

Examples of product knowledge

There is no limit about what product knowledge covers and it can address knowledge about:

  • The brands, sizes and differing qualities and types of physical products the venue sells.
  • Items on the food and drink menus – look, taste, cost, and ingredients.
  • The credit cards accepted by the business and the payment options available to customers to pay for items and services they purchase.
  • Staff and management at the venue including various roles and responsibilities of individual employees.
  • Operational matters such as deposits for bookings, charges for use...
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