Issues of Concern (Part 2) : Government Initiative and Emerging Markets

Issues of Concern (Part 2) : Government Initiative and Emerging Markets

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Issues of Concern (Part 2) : Government Initiative and Emerging Markets – Hello Ajarian! Given that issues of concern will vary over time, the following are examples of things commonly giving rise for concern – some of these initiatives can pose threats to a business and others may open up opportunities.

Government initiatives

Governments sometimes create initiatives in response to industry pressure, or in order to repair what they see as negative factors that potentially impact the industry or company.

Examples include:

  • Creating advertising campaigns to promote certain locations/destinations or industry sectors
  • Funding training initiatives in certain trades or where there is an identified need or staff shortage
  • Encouraging workers from certain countries to come to the country to fill long-term job vacancies
  • Amending or introducing legislation to address specific problems or encourage certain activities – such as changes to laws relating to liquor, fire safety, food handling, OSH requirements, and employment.

Emerging markets

Most businesses are interested in identifying and capitalizing on emerging markets.

Market research (by industry bodies, government agencies or individual establishments) may take advantage from these opportunities.

Examples include:

  • Spa resorts and the emergence...
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