Keys to a Good Teamwork

Keys to a Good Teamwork

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Keys to a Good Teamwork – Hello Ajarian! Teamwork is classified as the collective actions towards a number of people towards a collective goal. Whilst each business will have a range of goals, in essence the primary goal is to provide an enjoyable experience for customers for a reasonable return on investment for owners, in a safe and lawful manner.

One of the ways to improve teamwork is to get individual staff members involved in activities that require them to work as a ‘team’. A team is often characterized through:

  1. Having a common goal, it is important all staff not only identify the goal, but why it is important.
  2. Work interdependently with each other, the actions of one person impacts on other staff.
  3. Independent job functions, whilst staff are working together, they perform different roles and have different activities. Staff must understand how their actions contribute to the greater good of the team.
  4. Enjoy working together, this may be hard with different personalities, however in most cases people enjoy working together. Get staff involved in activities where they can find out more about each other.
  5. Accountability, staff will not only have their own responsibilities, but will also have collective responsibilities.
  6. Empowerment, staff have their own power to act and make decisions.
  7. Understand the importance of teams.


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