Keys to Liaise with Other Staff

Keys to Liaise with Other Staff

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Keys to Liaise with Other Staff – Hello Ajarian! Guests or staff may have requests which must be addressed. In some cases these tasks can be performed by yourself or within the housekeeping department.

In many cases, in order to respond to a guest request it requires the involvement of other people or departments. A guest is not concerned who handles their request. Their concern is that it is simply handled in a satisfactory and timely manner.

When there is a need to liaise with other staff to obtain or deliver identified service or items, here are the keys:

1. The need for teamwork
On some occasions, there will be a need for teamwork and the person receiving the request for housekeeping services may need to obtain assistance from another staff member to comply with the request.

For example, a large spill in a room may be better dealt with by 2 people rather than just one. A large piece of equipment or furniture that needs moving will require a ‘team lift’ approach.

Where you feel that you are unable to fulfil the request on your own, you should always be prepared to ask others for their help. You should also be prepared to help others when they ask for your assistance.

2. Safety and security
Where you receive a request from a guest for extra service provision and the guest appears annoyed, upset, affected by drugs or alcohol then you...

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