Keys to Providing Advice to Guests about the Use of Items

Keys to Providing Advice to Guests about the Use of Items

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Keys to Providing Advice to Guests about the Use of Items – Hello Ajarian! From time-to-time you will be required to help guests use items delivered to or already in their room. This may be because guests have had no experience with this sort of item or because they have no experience with the type or model of equipment in the room.

It should be remembered that in most situations the guest is likely to feel embarrassed at having to ask for help so this must be taken into account when providing advice and assistance.

Keys to providing advice

The prime requirement is that you, yourself, can operate the equipment effectively.

It is imperative that you make sure that you find out how to operate all the in-room items where you work and you have to know all the features of very piece of equipment.

In addition to this operational knowledge, important aspects of providing advice are:

  1. Explain the functions and operations of all aspects of the item that the guest wants to know about – including what all the switches, knobs do. Note that it may not be necessary to explain all aspects of the item. Just focus on what the guests want to know about or be able to do
  2. Make sure all health and safety requirements are covered – remember the property has a duty of care to all its guests
  3. Use clear terminology, simple words – stay away from jargon
  4. Use some simple questions...
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