Legal Requirements for Conducting OSH Records (part 1)

Legal Requirements for Conducting OSH Records (part 1)

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Legal Requirements for Conducting OSH Records (part 1) – Hello Ajarian! Performing any occupational safety and health records will require you to learn the types of information and documentation applied in the workplace in prior. What legal requirements do you need to comply?

The following notes indicate possible requirements applying in relation to OSH. They are ‘indicative’ rather than prescriptive.

The requirements of individual countries will vary so it is, again, vital you contact local OSH authorities to determine what actually applies.

It is possible legislation (Acts and regulations) specify requirements for collecting, keeping and providing certain types of OSH information and records.

These may relate to:

  1. Information provided to employees as necessary to enable them to perform their work in a safe manner without risks to health. This information is required to be supplied in appropriate languages to meet the language needs of workers;
  2. Records relating to the health and safety of the employees including the results of monitoring activities where legislation (or business policies) require such records to be kept. For example, some businesses may test the hearing and/or general health of staff;
  3. Injury register. A 'Register of Injuries' or an 'Injury Report Book' must be maintained to keep track of all workplace injuries. This record must contain details of any...
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