List of Raw Ingredients for Making Boiled Sugar

List of Raw Ingredients for Making Boiled Sugar

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List of Raw Ingredients for Making Boiled Sugar – Hello Ajarian! Sugar is a very important ingredient for making cakes or other pastry products. Sugar work can be used as glaze, decoration or filling. To make sugar work, we need to boil sugar with other raw ingredients.

This is the list of raw ingredients which usually used for making boiled sugar:

1. Glucose

Glucose syrup is most commonly made from wheat starch but can be made from the starch found in potatoes, wheat, rice, or corn. Glucose is a thick, clear liquid carbohydrate, made from starch. More than half of the glucose manufactured is used by the confectionery industry. Glucose also makes the boiled sugar more elastic, adds body and increases the solubility of the sugar syrup. Glucose should not be stored at temperatures above 68°F (20°C) and there should be no signs of fermentation, crystallization and no impurities present.

2. Sugar

Sugar (Sucrose) is made from the juice of the sugar cane plant, which is made and stored in its long stalks. Sugar mills use large rollers to crush and extracted the juice from the sugar cane.

Sugar comes in many different types and forms, from larger crystal sizes such as A1 through to fine icing sugars and syrups. For a high quality finished product, it is important that we use a good quality sugar with the least amount of impurities.

Sugar that froths up in the pan...

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