Maintain Consistency in Making Bakery Products

Maintain Consistency in Making Bakery Products

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Maintain Consistency in Making Bakery Products – Hello Ajarian! When customers purchase a product from bakery, usually because they like the look of the product and then they purchase the same thing again in the future. If the product is not consistent then the customer will not be satisfied and then will complain.

Consistency in product manufacture is achieved by the following:

  1. Correct weighing of Ingredients
  2. Formula balance
  3. Bakery products are consistent when formula balance is maintained
  4. Scaling weights accurately
  5. Mixing the dough/batter the same every time
  6. Cutting or weighing to correct size
  7. Moulding to correct shape
  8. Baking the same every time.

These are the skills and techniques that will return a consistent bakery product every time. After baking the product might need to be cut again into portions. Beside these skills, you should also refer to your workplace requirements and standards while making the bakery product.

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