Major Aspects of Non-verbal Communication

Major Aspects of Non-verbal Communication

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Major Aspects of Non-verbal Communication – Hello Ajarian! Did you know, ‘Body language’ is also called ‘non-verbal communication’? Non-verbal communication is anything other than words that communicates a message. It includes:

  • The way we stand including the use of ‘space’ and where we stand in relation to others.
  • The way we talk.
  • The clothes we wear and the accessories we use.
  • Our facial expressions.

All these things communicate something.

In dealing with other people, the non-verbal cues are often used, consciously or subconsciously, in making judgments about people, about what they say and about their honesty and deceptiveness.

It is important to remember that while we are making judgments about customers based on their non-verbal communication, the customers are also making judgments about us based on the non-verbal communication we consciously or unconsciously send.

Major aspects of non-verbal communication

Five distinct aspects of non-verbal communication have been identified.

  1. Emblems
    These are the explicit type of gestures and body language that are used with complete intention, and whose meanings are generally accepted and understood.
    Examples are:
  • Cupping the hand to the ear to indicate ‘I can’t hear...
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