Managing Difficult Callers

Managing Difficult Callers

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Managing Difficult Callers – Hello Ajarian! Occasionally you may find themselves having to answer the phone to a difficult caller. This will require tact, quick action or initiative. The telephone operator must determine the cause of the difficulty and establish if the caller has a complaint, if they have difficulty communicating or are they drunk or incapacitated. Perhaps the guest has just had a bad experience and is venting to the person who answered the phone.


Callers who are from a different culture may have language differences. The common language or business language may be the guests 3rd or 4th and fluency may be causing the problem; the guest cannot make themselves understood. This is also true of a caller who has a disability or has been a victim of an accident or illness which has affected their speech.

If a caller has trouble being understood this can lead to frustration and anger which can explain the 'difficult customer'.

To avoid this situation the telephone operator needs a knowledge of language and access to translators or software to assist.


A caller who is drunk may become very difficult or aggressive on the phone, words are slurred and not easy to understand and alcohol can alter the caller’s ability to think logically and small acts are seen by the caller as cause for complaint. The inebriated...

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