Mapping the Industrial Knowledge (Part 1)

Mapping the Industrial Knowledge (Part 1)

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Mapping the Industrial Knowledge (Part 1) – Hello Ajarian! A sound working knowledge of other industries in your geographical area is necessary to enable you to provide information to customers to meet their need for local information, or simply to add value to their stay.

The ‘other industries’ about which you should gain knowledge to pass on to visitors will depend entirely on the geographical location of your venue.

Examples of pieces of information you need may include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Government facilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Entertainment and recreation
  • Food production
  • Wine and beverage production
  • Meetings and events
  • Retail

Basic information to know

For each industry/business you must know:

  • Where each one is located
  • How to get there – using private and public transport
  • Time to travel – there and back
  • Time required to view/enjoy the industry/business.

The following provides advice on how to capture the required information and indicates aspects of each industry it is useful to develop knowledge about. In our context, ‘industry’ may be a single business or it can refer to a group of businesses.

Why bother?

The aim of gaining this knowledge is:

  • To enable you to encourage visitors to visit...
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