Mapping the Industrial Knowledge (Part 2)

Mapping the Industrial Knowledge (Part 2)

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Mapping the Industrial Knowledge (Part 2) – Hello Ajarian! After you read the prior article on Mapping the Industrial Knowledge (part 1), here we are going to continue our discussion even further.

Industry types

Some regions have developed a reputation for a certain retail product or group of products and this can be the very reason many visitors come to the region.

Examples include:

  • Gold and jewellery
  • Precious stones
  • Electronic goods
  • Clothing
  • Toys.

You need to identify the industry types your region/area is famous for.

Shopping precincts

Many cities and towns feature shops selling the same type of product grouped together and side-by-side in shopping centres, malls, shopping strips or precincts. You need to know where these are for each product type.

These precincts are sought after by visitors as they enable them to view a large range of options in, more or less, the same place and negotiate/bargain for the best prices.

Your knowledge about the places/precincts must also include any local knowledge about precincts/places/individual shops to avoid due to poor quality products/merchandise and illegal and/or unethical practices.

Special guided tours may be available to these precincts – the tour leader/guide usually receives some form of commission/benefit for taking visitors to certain...

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