Methods to Aid Effective Listening

Methods to Aid Effective Listening

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Methods to Aid Effective Listening – Hello Ajarian! Effective listening is one of the keys to achieve an effective two-way communication. When we listen effectively, we gain the appreciation, gratitude, and respect of the other person, whether a customer or staff member. Effective listening requires practice, and concentration is the key.

Practice should be focused and based on the following points:

  • Prepare yourself to listen. Get rid of things that may interrupt or act as blocks to communication. Get into the right frame of mind.
  • Become interested. Focus on what is being said and get caught up in it. Make sure you find some way to find interesting what is being said. Ask questions, look interested, and ask yourself how you can use what you are being told.
  • Keep an open mind. Do not pre-judge the situation, do not interrupt and do not tune-out. Make sure you don’t try to make what is being said fit into your pre-conceived notions, ideas, and prejudices.
  • Identify the main idea. Listen to what is being said with the intention of extracting the core message. Realize that this may come at the start of the message, the middle or the end. There is no set rule.
  • Listen critically. Weigh up what is being said without simply accepting what is being transmitted.
  • Don’t get distracted. Focus your attention on the speaker and what they are saying.
  • Take notes. Don’t...
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