Minimizing Cocktail Wastage and Spillage

Minimizing Cocktail Wastage and Spillage

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Minimizing Cocktail Wastage and Spillage – Hello Ajarian! Wastage and spillage during making and service of cocktails must be minimized. There are many reasons why wastage and spillage when making and presenting cocktails need to be minimized:

  • Wastage results in loss of product. This adversely impacts on the financial performance of the cocktail bar.
  • Spillage creates a mess meaning the workstation looks untidy and often transfers this mess to other glasses, utensils, and equipment.
  • Spillage adversely impacts on customer enjoyment. A spilled cocktail looks less appealing and may also cause drips to fall onto the drinker’s shirt or clothes when they raise the glass to drink from it.
  • Spillages waste time – if you spill a drink, time is lost cleaning it up.
  • Spillage of a customer’s drink means a replacement drink has to be mixed causing loss of product, wasted time and decreased customer satisfaction with their cocktail experience.

The cause of wastage

Wastage in cocktail making may occur when:

  1. An incorrect order is taken. Ensure you are certain about the order for every cocktail order taken.
  2. The wrong quantity of cocktails is made up. It is standard practice to make two or three of the same type of cocktails at the one time to ensure consistency of taste and appearance but if you make four cocktails and only three were ordered you have wasted the ingredients for one drink.
  3. Incorrect measures and ingredients are used to make the cocktail. It should be standard procedure to measure the ingredients for every cocktail. Free-pouring may look ‘cool’ on films but it has the potential to waste products (through over-pouring) and often results in inconsistency in taste.
  4. Products like juice, dairy products, and garnishes are not handled and stored correctly. Poor or improper storage of perishable ingredients will result in these ingredients having to be disposed of resulting in a total loss for these items.
  5. Staff is rushing. When you rush, you risk spilling alcohol, knocking things over, smashing bottles and other wasteful events.
  6. Staff is not concentrating. You must provide excellent levels of customer service but you must nonetheless focus on what you are doing: mixing and serving cocktails.

Working clean and working tidy is also helpful in minimizing or eliminating waste. This means putting things away when you have used them. Items (beverages, utensils and equipment) should be put back in their original place once they have been used. If you make a mess or spill something, clean it up immediately.

The cause of spillage

Spillage in relation to cocktails may occur when:

  1. There is a messy workstation causing a drink or bottle to be accidentally knocked over. Clutter is a prime cause of workplace waste and spillage.
  2. A cocktail is knocked over by a customer. Check house policy to determine if and when a customer is entitled to be supplied with a free, replacement cocktail if they knock theirs over.
  3. A cocktail is not positioned level on a surface and it falls over.
  4. Cocktails are knocked over when being carried on trays. Be very careful and watchful when carrying drinks to a customer or table.
  5. The lid was not on the blender correctly when it was switched on and product has been thrown out of the blender causing both waste and a mess at the workstation.
  6. Too much garnish on a glass resulting in the glass being top or side-heavy making it topple over and spill.

Where an incorrect drink has been made, you are not allowed to drink it because it is the standard of the industry.

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Written by: Alan Hickman

Subject Matter: Prepare and serve cocktails

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