Operate in-House Luggage Storage Facilities

Operate in-House Luggage Storage Facilities

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Operate in-House Luggage Storage Facilities

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! In-house luggage storage systems vary between hotels, in terms of their size, location, and documentation used. Luggage storage systems or Luggage Rooms are places where guests can store their luggage before they are roomed, or after they have departed their room.

In some cases, the guest may have arrived early at 6 AM, if the hotel or resort had a full house the night before there are no vacant rooms as the guests have not checked out and/or dirty rooms have not been cleaned and notified as ‘room ready’ or ’inspected’.

In such cases, the hotel may register the guest offer them a free breakfast or hot beverage or even supply a courtesy room for the guest to bathe and change while they wait, and store their tagged luggage in the Porters store room or Luggage Room. The first appropriate room that becomes vacant will be allocated to them, the porter notified, and the luggage delivered.

In another example, a guest may depart their room at 9 AM and be leaving that evening at 6 PM on a cruise or flight. The guest may ask that their luggage is kept for them until 2 PM to enable them to go and do some shopping before they pick it up and head off to the wharf or the guest may attend a meeting and collect the luggage on the way to the airport.

When operating in-house luggage storage, there are few tips you may need to know:

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