Opting for Primary and Secondary Routes in Escort Duties

Opting for Primary and Secondary Routes in Escort Duties

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Opting for Primary and Secondary Routes in Escort Duties

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! All escort assignments should take place along an identified route. A good planning will include both primary and secondary routes. What considerations do we opt for the primary and secondary routes on?

Primary route

The primary route is your preferred route for the escort based on all relevant factors and taking into account all associated details and requirements. It will be the route which is deemed to be the safest and most secure.

The route will be developed to show:

  • Starting point;
  • Path or route to be taken divided into sectors (see ‘Secondary routes’ below);
  • Threat points – locations where attack (or other problems) are likely or anticipated, based on risk identification and analysis;
  • Check-in points where radio contact with the control room is required;
  • End point.

Secondary routes

The secondary route is your Plan B should the primary route be compromised or become unavailable, unusable or unsafe. Each sector of the primary route should have at least one secondary route.

The secondary route should show:

  • Entry points from the primary route into the secondary route;
  • Path/route to be taken;
  • One of the following:
    • Where the secondary route rejoins the primary route;
    • Alternative route to...
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