OSH Delivery: What is around You?

OSH Delivery: What is around You?

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OSH Delivery: What is around You?

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! The way you acquired information relating to occupational safety and health (OSH) has been introduced in the previous articles. But the thing is that do you realize that anything about OSH and its access is available everywhere, or even exposed to you during your duty performance?

We agreed that things relating to occupational safety and health is quite simple and applicable in your daily tasks. Now, it is time to look around your workplace and find out information which maybe subtle enough for you to miss.

Wise men said that any importance may be imposed within simple things. This byword is likely in connection with occupational safety and health. In other words, you can easily notice that any kind of information you find along the corridors or in an area contains the notice.

When you are around the workplace, just pay a bit more attention to:

  1. Posters, pictures, or infographics around the workplace – it can possibly include simple prohibition writings or pictures like “non-smoking area” or “keep it under 5°C” or anything similar.

  2. Written instruction on equipment or facility – a product or equipment may come with attached instruction on it to prevent the users from performing mistakes or errors.

  3. Training manual or technical...

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