Performing Close Escort Duties

Performing Close Escort Duties

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Performing Close Escort Duties – Hello Ajarian! From time to time there is always a need to undertake close escort duties. What is meant by close escort duties? What is the job description like? Any clue?

Close escort duties are duties performed by bodyguards, also known as security escorts or CPOs. Bodyguards may be:

  1. Venue employees with special skills – venue staff who perform close escort duties will commonly have special training and accreditation in:
  • Driving – with a focus on defensive and evasive driving techniques
  • Martial arts and close combat
  • First aid
  • Firearms
  1. Provided by external security companies. Bodyguards may operate:
  • Independently – cooperating with each other and other security staff. It is rare and potentially ineffective for bodyguards to operate alone.
  • In conjunction with bodyguards who normally accompany the client such as the usual security staff and CPOs who accompany the person whenever they travel or make an appearance
  • In conjunction with local authorities and police.

Close escort can be required for:

  • VIPs
  • Heads of state
  • Celebrities
  • Sports stars
  • Musicians

Activities Involved in Providing Close Escort

Most people...

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