Personal Characteristics of Room Attendants

Personal Characteristics of Room Attendants

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Personal Characteristics of Room Attendants – Hello Ajarian! The role of a room attendant requires an individual who is able to complete a variety of tasks. Whilst some of the personal characteristics of a room attendant are similar to those of anyone else working in the tourism and hospitality industry, there are also job-specific skill sets that are required.

In this article, will explain the personal characteristic you must know as a room attendant. So, how to be a professional room attendant?

  1. Knowledge
    Broad knowledge is a necessity for a room attendant, mainly about product and services of the hotel to be able to answer guest inquiries and to promote the hotel’s facilities and features. You must also have the knowledge of the working condition of all items including televisions, air-conditioning systems, and internet access.

In terms of cleaning duty as your daily activities, understand the correct procedures for cleaning a room and the use of cleaning equipment and chemicals. Besides, a basic knowledge of safety and security in the workplace is also required for room attendants.

  1. Skills
    A room attendant should be sufficient in skills, to be able to perform cleaning duties in a thorough and efficient manner. You must also be able to perform manual handling safely...
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