Pest Control in Restaurants

Pest Control in Restaurants

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Pest Control in Restaurants – Pests, rodents, and insects (vermin) are a PR problem in the hospitality industry as customers are shocked by seeing cockroaches, mice, rats, and flies in any area of a hotel. If they see these pests, they automatically wonder whether things ‘behind the scenes’ are the same or even worse, and this can cause a loss of trade.

Pests and rodents can cause economic loss to food stocks by leaving droppings in produce, through weevil infestation and by attacking dry foods rendering them useless. The practice of simply scooping droppings out of, say, flour and then proceeding to use it is unacceptable as the animal that left the droppings has probably also urinated and while this may have dried up it still remains and has contaminated the food.

Further economic loss can occur when health authorities intervene and fine the hotel, or close it down due to vermin infestation. The resultant adverse media publicity adds more to loss of patronage/money.

Vermin can also cause severe physical damage to the premises by gnawing through walls, pipes, and electrical wiring. Many fires where the cause is an 'electrical fault' are caused by mice eating through live wires.

Pest control must involve an on-going and integrated approach. It cannot be done once a year and forgotten, and all facets of control must be implemented or the program is not effective.

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