Popular Cuisine in Different Countries

Popular Cuisine in Different Countries

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Popular Cuisine in Different Countries

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Most hotels will provide a wide mix of food options to cater to the different preferences of its local and international customers.

Not only are hotels full of culturally diverse people. Most countries are a mixing pot of people from different backgrounds and cultures. In many cases, there is not one true style of food that is unique to a region. There are often a mix and variations of different styles.

It is important that if you work in a dining area that features a specific ethnic/cultural emphasis, you must research that culinary style and develop a substantial bank of product knowledge related to that particular country.

This article will explore some popular and common dishes from a variety of countries. It is important to note that the list provided is only a snapshot of what a specific country has to offer. All countries normally have endless types of dishes, with local regions having their own

Thai cuisine

Popular dishes include:

  • Tom Yam Goong – Spicy Shrimp Soup
  • Pad Thai - Fried Noodle
  • Gaeng Daeng – Red Curry
  • Tom Kha Kai – Chicken in Coconut Milk Soup
  • Tom Yam Gai – Spicy Chicken Soup
  • Yam Nua – Spicy Beef Salad
  • Panaeng – Meat in Spicy Coconut Cream
  • Por Pia Tord – Fried Spring Roll
  • Khao Pad – Fried Rice.

Vietnamese cuisine

Popular dishes include:

  • Phở – Beef noodle soup
  • Bún bò Huế – Spicy beef and pork noodle soup
  • Bò lá lốt – Rolled spiced beef dish
  • Bánh mì thịt – Vietnamese baguette
  • Vietnamese salad rolls
  • Bánh cuốn – Rice flour rolls
  • Bánh bao – A Steamed bun dumpling
  • Bánh chưng – Sticky rice dish
  • Bún chả – Grilled pork and vermicelli noodles dish.

Japanese cuisine

Popular dishes include:

  • Sashimi – Shin slices of raw fish
  • Sushi – Raw fish, served on vinegared rice
  • Sushi roll – Filling is rolled in rice with a covering of nori.
  • Tempura – Seafood or vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried
  • Kare Raisu – Curry Rice
  • Soba, udon and ramen noodles
  • Teppanyaki – Meat, seafood and vegetables prepared in front of guests
  • Donburi – bowl of rice covered with one of a variety of toppings
  • Sukiyaki – Savoury stew of vegetables and beef
  • Shabu shabu – Thin slices of beef dipped in a pot of boiling water and stock
  • Okonomiyaki – Savory Japanese pancake
  • Yakitori – Broiled chicken
  • Yakiniku – Grilled meat.

French cuisine

Popular dishes include:

  • Cheeses – Brie, Camembert, Roquefort
  • Baguette – A long skinny loaf of French bread
  • Coq au Vin – A famous food that is simply chicken
  • Flamiche – Pie crust filled with cheese and vegetables
  • Salade nicoise
  • Foie Gras – This is the very fatty liver of a goose or duck
  • Escargots – Snails
  • Truffes – Expensive black mushrooms
  • Ratatouille
  • Crepes – Thin pancakes
  • Desserts – Flans, ganache, tarts, pastries, crossaints.

Italian cuisine

Popular dishes include:

  • Pizza – cooked dough base with various toppings
  • Chicken parmigiana
  • Gelato – Italian ice-cream
  • Tiramisu – dessert made of biscuits soaked in coffee with layers of whipped mascarpone and egg yolks
  • Risotto – short grain rice dish
  • Cheeses – Mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Pasta – Cannoli, spaghetti, penne, Fettuccine, Linguine
  • Lasagna

German cuisine

Popular dishes include:

  • Bratwurst – Sausage made of mixed meats
  • Frankfurter – Smoked sausage made from pure pork
  • Knödel – German dumplings
  • Kartoffelsalat – Potato salad
  • Schweinshaxe – Pork hock
  • Weihnachtsgans – Roasted goose
  • Apfelkuchen – Apple Cake.

Greek cuisine

Popular dishes include:

  • Baklavas – Baklava Pastry
  • Horta Vrasta – Boiled Leafy Greens
  • Tyropitakia – Cheese Pie Triangles
  • Revithosoupa – Chickpea Soup
  • Classic Dips and Spreads – Melitzanosalata, Skorthalia, Taramosalata, Tzatziki
  • Pastitsio or Pasticcio – Creamy Cheesy Baked Pasta with Meat
  • Horiatiki Salata – Greek Salad
  • Souvlaki – Skewered Kebabs
  • Gyro – Sliced Rotisserie-Roasted Meat

Spanish cuisine

Popular dishes include:

  • Pulpo a la Gallega – Galician Octopus
  • Cochinillo Asado – Roast Suckling Pig
  • Paella – Spanish rice dish
  • Gambas Ajillo – Garlic Prawns
  • Pescado Frito – Fried Fish
  • Tortilla Española – Spanish Omelet
  • Gazpacho – Cold Tomato Soup or Liquid Salad
  • Queso Manchego – Spanish Sheep Cheese
  • Patatas Bravas – Fried Potatoes in spicy sauce.

As a member of the food industry, it should be a natural instinct to learn about different cuisines that can be added to your hotel’s menu or simply as a dish you would like to try or prepare at home.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Provide advice to patrons on food and beverage services

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