Pre-Cleaning Steps for Ceilings, Surfaces and Fittings

Pre-Cleaning Steps for Ceilings, Surfaces and Fittings

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Pre-Cleaning Steps for Ceilings, Surfaces and Fittings – Hello Ajarian! looks at the greatest variety of cleaning performed by a public area attendant. It involves various cleaning procedures, equipment and chemicals. In essence the following needs to be cleaned:

This can include all walls and ceilings: painted, wooden, wallpaper. This also includes skirting boards that highlight the separation of walls to ceilings and floors.

This can relate to any 'surface' in a public area such as: all furniture including fridges, tables, cupboards, ledges, bookshelves and desks to name a few (excluding leather and fabric covered furniture previously discussed)lights and lampsdecorations and flower vasespublic bathrooms including vanities, toilets and public showers, rubbish bins.

A fitting refers to taps, pipes and electrical aspects of a public space.

After defining the object you need to clean, now you must prepare the equipment and chemicals required. There is a great deal of equipment that can be used to clean ceilings, surfaces and fittings as listed below:

  • Mops.
  • Brooms and brushes.
  • Cloths and sponges.
  • Buckets.
  • Garbage receptacles.
  • Gloves.
  • Cleaning warning signs.
  • Personal...
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