Prepare Bain-Maries & Toasters before Service Session Begins

Prepare Bain-Maries & Toasters before Service Session Begins

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Prepare Bain-Maries & Toasters before Service Session Begins – Hello Ajarian! After you read Prepare Restaurant Equipment before Service Session Begins, will explain other restaurant equipment that you need to prepare before starting a service session.

  1. Bain-maries
    The bain-marie is used to keep hot food at the right temperature during the service period. It must keep the hot food at 60°C or above. It must be cleaned and operated in accordance with the manufacturer instructions, and as the bain-marie is often accessible to customers, or on public view, it should be cleaned with this in mind.

Before service, the bain-marie should be switched on so that the water covering the heating elements can achieve the required temperature. It is the hot water and rising steam that keeps the food hot.

Glass on a bain-marie should be checked for cleanliness, as should the stainless steel casing. Many customers will infer things about the food, from the condition of the bain-marie. The bain-marie trays must also be clean and may require your attention during the shift. You may be required to cover food as the need arises, replenish it and ensure its eye appeal.

  1. Toasters
    Toasters may be used during any shift, but particularly during breakfast. Toasters should be clean and free of crumbs. Crumbs can smoke and may even catch alight causing alarm to customers.

Before service, toasters should be checked that they are in good working order, with special attention paid to electrical cords to ensure they are not frayed or do not have any wires exposed. Signage relating to supervision with children using toasters may also be necessary.

Tunnel toasters are usually set at the setting determined as ‘correct’ and there is usually a sign asking customers not to alter that setting.

Once again, every equipment should not only be clean, but they must look clean, shiny and spotless. Always check the equipment’s readiness before service session begins. This to ensure they are working well and ready to use for customers.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Provide food and beverage services

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