Prepare Fillings for Petit Fours

Prepare Fillings for Petit Fours

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Prepare Fillings for Petit Fours – Hello Ajarian! Petit fours can be found with fillings. Fillings will vary according to selling price, storage requirements and marketplace requirements. The common fillings include jams in various flavours, ganache, and butter creams.

  1. Jams
    Jams are high in moisture and carry good flavors. Their role is to bind, add flavour and moisture to a product that is normally dry in texture. These do not need refrigeration. Jam needs to be blended until a smooth consistency is achieved, no lumps, as they will tear at the fabric of the sponge sheet.
  2. Ganache
    Ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream. It is well liked but it is expensive to produce. Ganache will carry alcohol flavours well to add interest to the petit fours. These can stand in non refrigerated areas. Ganache needs to be allowed to cool to room temperature and then blended until smooth. When ganache is agitated, it must be worked quickly as it will set.
  3. Butter creams
    Butter creams can be flavoured to desired standard, adds good mouth feel and cuts well when cold. It needs to be chilled before cutting. It will then need to stand in non refrigerated environment for short periods of time.

Butter creams are versatile for decorating the tops of petit fours as they can be flavoured and easily piped. But it damages easily when at room temperature. When butter cream is made it needs to be kept at a temperature that will not give adverse reaction to customers. To use butter cream it needs to be pliable and smooth.

So, which one would you choose as a filling for your petit fours?

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare and display petit fours

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