Print Data as Backup Requirement

Print Data as Backup Requirement

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Print Data as Backup Requirement – Hello Ajarian! Performing data backup should really draw your attention. While you can do it by any means, there is also a necessity when you need to print the document out, or just simply save it and lose it without a trace.

There are three methods that can be used to print from word: the File Menu option, Printer icon, or the shortcut key Ctrl-P.

Click File>Print and the print options page will occur. There is a preview of the current page shown on the right. The 'copies' box allows you to specify the number of copies.

The printer allows you to change the printer as a business may have different printers for different situations.

Settings allow you to print all pages, the current page as shown on the right, or a custom range of pages, or the document properties. By clicking on the arrows on the lower right side the current page can be changed for the “Print current page” option.

If the selected printer has the capabilities, there will be an option to allow double-sided or duplex printing.

'Collated' applies when there is more than one copy to print and the copy has more than one page. Assume that four copies of a document that has 3 pages and double-sided printing has been selected, which means there will be two pieces of paper with printing on three sides. Collated will print the entire document...

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