Relay Important Information when Handing Over Shift

Relay Important Information when Handing Over Shift

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Relay Important Information when Handing Over Shift – Hello Ajarian! There may be times when a shift has to be handed over to an incoming colleague. During such times, all relevant information should be relayed to the incoming staff.

Information that may need to be addressed and passed on could include:

  • Status of the customer’s orders and service – what’s been served, where they are up to, what’s happening in the kitchen or bar in relation to the order. Incoming staff need to be briefed, for example, on what Table 4 has ordered, what has been served so far and how long it has been since their last course was cleared
  • Availability of beverage products and supplies – what is running low, what has run out, how many serves of XYZ there are, including what action (if any) has been taken to secure extra supplies
  • Changes or alterations to the menu. This should include sharing details about today’s specials, items that have been added at the last minute or just for today including items that the kitchen wants promoted
  • Any customer complaints – who has complained and about what, any complaints that seem to be part of a trend and information about what action has been taken in response to these complaints
  • Roles for incoming staff members so that individual workers know exactly what they are to be doing for the upcoming shift. For example are they doing food? Beverage? Both? Acting as runners? Accepting payment? Which station are they working?
  • Information about specific pieces of equipment or utensils with attention to issues such as malfunctions, damage or lack of equipment
  • Discussing financial transactions including identification of:
  • Who has already paid
  • Tables/guests where advanced deposits have been received
  • Any guests who have indicated that they alone and noone else at the table are to get the account
  • People who may be dining on vouchers
  • Guests who are in-house guests and can be expected to charge to their rooms
  • Tables where accounts have been presented but not yet paid
  • The status of every account or table in the room.

When shift has to be handed over to an incoming colleague, make sure the guest is not being aware that it has happened. Do it with minimal disruption to them.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Take Food Orders and Provide Table Service

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